Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT Review

Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer


Wouldn’t it be awesome to have flavorful and fragrant rice cooked to perfection? With the Zojirushi Fuzzy Logic NS-LAC05XT rice cooker and warmer, that awesomeness is in the realm of possibility. This rice cooker makes 6 cups of cooked rice, which makes it ideal for singles, couples, and small-sized families. The NS-LAC05XT Micom includes the famous settings such as white rice, brown rice, and quick cooking. Once you’re done reading the features, specifications, pros, and cons, you’ll come to realize that the only way to make rice is to use the Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT Micom Rice Cooker. After all, this is the best small rice cooker on the market.

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Product Dimensions11.8 x 9.1 x 7.5 inches
MaterialStainless Steel
Capacity6 cups of cooked rice
Item Weight7 pounds
Shipping Weight7 pounds
Item Model NumberNS-LAC05XT
Customer Reviews (Amazon)4.6 out of 5 stars


You might think that a small rice cooker like the NS-LAC05XT doesn’t have many features. That’s where you’re wrong. The features of this rice cooker far outweigh most of the features of its competitors in the same price range. The NS-LAC05XT has a variety of cooking functions from white rice/sushi, mixed rice, porridge, sweet, brown, to quick cooking. Thanks to its compact and portable design, it only requires minimal kitchen counter space. Aided by micro computerized Fuzzy Logic technology, this rice cooker takes cooking seriously. The microchip will do all the thinking, timing, and adjusting automatically so you can just sit on the couch and watch T.V. This rice cooker also highlights its automatic keep-warm setting, easy-to-read colored LCD control panel, and built-in retractable cord. It’s even cETLus listed, making it officially safe to use.

Why Should You Buy the Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT?

This rice cooker doesn’t only have one of the best features a rice cooker can have, it also has a beautiful design that can match any modern look your kitchen has. Aside from that, this is a durable rice cooker because it’s made of stainless steel. And we all know that stainless steel is non-reactive and safe from contaminants. The heat is also evenly distributed and preserved with its stainless steel material. The detachable and washable inner lid makes cleaning easy and the spherical inner cooking pan and the heating system gives good results. The main reason why you should buy this, however, is because it’s the best rice cooker for brown rice. If you prefer brown rice over white, then this is the rice cooker you’ve been looking for.

• Uses Micom Fuzzy Logic Technology
• Made of stainless steel, therefore it’s durable
• Evenly distributes heat
• Has six menu settings
• Has delay and automatic keep warm settings
• Does not rust
• Has sound signals and music alerts to indicate end of cooking cycle
• Compact and portable
• Easy to use and clean
• Does not react with food acids
• Has an easy-to-use colored LCD control panel
• Has a built-in retractable cord
• Comes with a measuring cup, non-stick rice spatula, and spatula holder
• cETLus listed
• Best rice cooker for brown rice
• Best small rice cooker

• It’s recommended for small families only.
• Should not be used in a place with a higher altitude
• English instructions aren’t clear due to poor translation.

What Are Customers Saying About It?

The Good:
• Customers loved that it’s attractive.
• With its thick, stick-proof bowl, the rice doesn’t burn to any spot and clean-up is simple.
• A happy customer said, “It does a great job on a variety of rice; there are different settings for different rice and the measurement markings appear correct for different rice.”
• They said they’d highly recommend this rice cooker.
• They even said it makes great oatmeal, even the steel cut type that normally takes 30 minutes to cook.
• Another satisfied user remarked, “The timer works great. It was wonderful to wake up to the aroma of fresh rice.”
• Customers said it was easy to carry around.
• The quality of rice and beans has been outstanding.
• They also said it’s very easy to use and that it’s a very good buy.
• One well-pleased customer reviewed, “The rice does not come out clumpy like in a steamer or a less expensive cooker.”
• The “keep warm” function is nice; it goes into this mode as soon as the rice is done, and maintains your rice in good condition until you are ready to eat it.

The Bad:
• Once customer complained, “The only con is that the directions are terrible. It must have been poorly translated from Japanese.”
• The non-stick coating is delicate.
• Another customer said, “There is no way to tell when the rice is going to be done. A countdown timer appears in the last few minutes, but before that, you are just guessing.”


If you are opting for a small rice cooker to use at home, then don’t go any cheaper. This is the best one for you. Convenience? Check. Performance? Check. Safety? Another check. With its features and technology, cooking rice has never been easier.