Secura EPC S600 Review

Secura 6-in-1 Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker 6qt, 18/10 Stainless Steel Cooking Pot


Superb quality. Durable material. Cutting edge technology. Everything you need in a kitchenappliance is right here in the Secura 6-in-1 Multi-Cooker. It’s a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté/browning pan, and soup maker. You will even get a measuring cup, rice spoon, a user’s manual and a recipe book with this multi-cooker. If you want to go further, you can even get your own steam rack and a non-stick cooking pot.

That’s enough chitchat, let’s talk about the product’s specifications, features, pros, cons, and reviews.

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Product Dimensions12 x 13.5 x 13 inches
Size6 quartz
Item Weight12 pounds
Shipping Weight14.7 pounds
Item Model NumberEPC-S600
Customer Reviews (Amazon)4.4 out of 5 stars


The Secura 6-in-1 Multi-Cooker features an automatic keep warm, 18/10 stainless steel dishwasher safe cooking pot, cool-touch handles that stay cool regardless of high temperature, and a stainless steel lid with a cool-touch finish. It also highlights a micro-computerized temperature and time control system, a digital display, a convenient lid bracket, and a delay timer that can be set up to 24 hours.Its features don’t end there. This cooker even has nine safety features. It has lid-locked protection to ensure that the cooker is locked before pressure cooking, float valve protection to prevent the pressure from rising if the lid isn’t closed properly, pressure-limited valve that will release pressure if it goes beyond 90 kpa, anti-blocked filter that will prevent food from blocking the exhausting valve, and temperature detection that can avoid the pot from reaching beyond the limit. The pressure control will control the pressure with the aid of the flexible inner cover and pressure switch. The temperature limitation, on the other hand, will automatically shut off the cooker if the pot goes over the temperature limit. The fuse protection will cut off the power if the sensor fails. Lastly, the self-reliance device will automatically release pressure by making a gap between the seal ring and the pot if all the safety features above fail. In short, it’s definitely a safe and dependable cooker.

Why Should You Buy the Secura 6-in-1 Multi-Cooker?

All pressure cookers save time and energy because they allow the food to be cooked faster. What you’ll get in return if you purchase this pressure cooker is not just the six functions but also the quality and the durability of this cooker. Since it has nine features to prevent your kitchen from burning up even if you leave it, it goes to show that it doesn’t need any babysitting and it can work on its own. With the busy schedule we all have nowadays, the last thing we need is a kitchen appliance that needs to be watched and guided as it cooks. Besides, who doesn’t want their healthy dishes to be cooked faster? I bet you 100% that no one does.

• Easy to use
• Dependable
• Can save up to 30% energy
• Can cook food up to 60% faster
• Its cooking pot is dishwasher safe
• Stainless steel is marked 18/10 to prevent food contamination
• Has six functions
• Allows you to customize your own time settings
• Includes nine safety features
• Comes with a measuring cup, rice spoon, user’s manual, and recipe book
• Has an automatic keep warm feature
• Features a micro-computerized temperature and time control system
• Includes a digital display
• Features a 24-hour delay timer
• Has a convenient lid bracket
• Comes from a distinguished brand in the industry

• Reading the manual takes time
• Poor customer service

What Are Customers Saying About It?

The Good:
• A happy customer said, “I was a little worried about the quality before getting it since I’ve never heard of this brand before, but I have to say this thing is solid – built like a tank.”
• They loved how the Stainless steel bowl is removable, freezable, easily washable, and can be stirred without fear of a non-stick coating or aluminum leaching into your food.
• They also said it was easy and comfortable to use.
• Another satisfied customer remarked, “The flavor is absolutely the best! Traditional methods simply cannot compare.”
• A number also said it was a real value for the price.

The Bad:
• A number of reviews describe failure of the electronics.
• One customer said, “This is a good buy for the price but lacks the yogurt feature I wanted.”
• Another disappointed customer commented, “Worked great for a few weeks, but then the timer stopped working when using the pressure cooker.”
• A few customers said the inner stainless pot fade gradually and it needs to be improved.


You’ll absolutely love this pressure cooker with the versatility and quality it offers. Its functions make its cons nearly useless. Plus, the price is affordable considering the user-friendly operations and delectable food it can produce. Do yourself a favor and purchase this pressure cooker. You can also compare it with the other pressure cookers in our guide.