Presto 01362 Review

Presto 01362 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker


Do you have a limited budget? Then this stovetop pressure cooker is perfect for you. Priced at $50, this pressure cooker can be the best gift you can reward yourself with or the best gift you can give to a newlywed couple or to a college student.It can cook fish, chicken, and vegetables up to 10 times faster, saving energy along the way. It’s the perfect kitchen appliance for a busy person.

Now let’s take a look at thespecifications, features, pros, cons, and the customers’ feedback regarding the Presto 01362.

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Product Dimensions19 x 9.9 x 9.8 inches
Size6 quartz
Item Weight2.9 pounds
Shipping Weight6.8 pounds
Item Model Number01362
Customer Reviews (Amazon)4.5 out of 5 stars


The Presto 01362 is recommended for use on regular, smooth-top, induction ranges. This simple yet reliable cooker features a pressure regulator that automatically maintains the proper cooking pressure.It is also made of stainless steel with a tri-clad base, suitable for all cooking tops, and has a 6-quart capacity. It also has a cover lock indicator that tells you that there is pressure inside the cooker and prevents the cover from opening until pressure is reduced to a safe level.Because of this, burning yourself accidentally won’t be an issue. In addition, this pressure cooker is easy to clean since it’s dishwasher safe.Speaking of safety, this cooker has four features to keep your cooking accident-free. For one, it has an inner sealing ring that keeps the pressure in. It also has a pop-up pressure indicator and an overpressure plug that will release the pressure if it becomes too high. The last one—pop-up pressure indicator—was already mentioned.

Why Should You Buy the Presto 01362?

Don’t you want a pressure cooker with 10 years’ warranty? The thing is, this pressure cooker has 12 years. Yes, 12. And as some of you are well aware, only the trusted, high-quality, most reliable brands offer warranty that lasts longer than five. In short, Presto is exceedingly confident about this product that they offered 12 years of warranty. This easy to use and easy to handle pressure cooker even has 64 pages in its instruction/recipe book to get your pressuring mode on.

• Extremely affordable
• Made of stainless steel with a tri-clad base
• Easy to use
• Easy to clean (dishwasher safe)
• Easy to handle and transport thanks to the helper handles
• Cools quickly
• Comes from Presto—the #1 in Kitchen & Dining cookware for pressure cookers on Amazon
• Includes four safety features
• Has 12 years limited warranty
• Comes with a recipe book and a rack

• Heats up slowly
• You need to remove the gasket and overpressure plug when you entrust it to your dishwasher.
• Screws are of low quality and may rust in time (can be prevented by cleaning the cooker properly and drying it out completely)

What Are Customers Saying About It?

The Good:
• They loved how easy cleaning up was.
• One happy customer said, “It is super easy to carry this extremely lightweight pressure cooker to the sink, run water over it, and in 5-10 seconds the pressure is down!”
• The plastic handles are strong.
• They even said the stainless steel is great for browning meat.
• A lot of customers even praised how the replacement parts are very easy to obtain (rubber gasket and overpressure plug).
• Another satisfied customer remarked, “It’s large enough so you can make a lot of food at once.”
• They also loved the great quality of the cooker itself.
• Customers said it works as good as other more expensive pressure cookers.
• One customer reviewed, “This Presto pressure cooker has made a great difference in my time in the kitchen.”
• They also loved the ideal size and the durability of this pressure cooker that they did not need to buy another one to replace it.

The Bad:
• One customer complained about the handle. He said, “No matter how many times I try, the handle keeps getting wobblier and wobblier.”
• Some customers said it was difficult to close.
• Another customer mentioned, “It works fine but what a mess and a surprise that it was so hard to assemble properly.”
• A few also commented that most recipes seem to give directions based on “low pressure” or “high pressure”, but this pressure cooker only has one setting.
• In some cases, the seal would not work and the food would not cook correctly.
• The part where the lower handle and the upper handle meets has only one screw. That screw keeps loosening and the lower handle turns crooked from the upper handle frequently.


If you want to spend your money on ingredients more than the appliance you’ll use for cooking, then this is the best deal you can get. The Presto 01362 is affordable, sturdy, and more importantly,can work well under pressure (pun intended).