Kuhn Rikon 3043 Review

Kuhn Rikon Stainless-Steel Pressure Cooker, 6 qt


If you can spend a little higher than $150, then opt for this stainless steel pressure cooker by Kuhn Rikon. Its size is ideal for singles, couples, and small-medium sized families. It’s simple but incredibly durable. It has a pressure indicator, performs great, highlights five safety features, and is easy to use and clean.

Let’s checkout the specifications, features, pros, cons, and the customers’ feedback regarding the Kuhn Rikon 3043.

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Product Dimensions11.4 x 11.2 x 10.3 inches
Size6 quartz
Item Weight8.2pounds
Shipping Weight8.2 pounds
ManufacturerKuhn Rikon
Item Model Number3043
Customer Reviews (Amazon)4.5 out of 5 stars


One thing you’ll notice first is the appealing design of this pressure cooker. It’s tailored to meet your beauty expectations in a stainless steel cooker. With a simple cylinder as its base, concentric circles on top, and comfortable handles, you’ll fall in love with this uncomplicated pressure cooker.

It’s easy to use since you don’t have any other buttons to press. It also features its easy-to-remove, easy-to-remount, and easy-to-clean pressure valve. The pot even has fill lines inside to indicate if it’s ¾ full for regular pressure cooking and ½ full for grains, beans, and other foamy foods. The pressure regulator and its housing are all metal except for the small heat-safe plastic button on top.

The Kuhn Rikon 3043 also features two safety vents that are on each side of the lid. The automatic lid-locking mechanism even ensures that no pressure can be built up inside the cooker until the lid is completely closed. Should the primary valve be clogged, the secondary valve will release the excess pressure safely. A spring-loaded valve will open according to a pre-defined internal pressure and allow the steam to be released should the secondary valve fail to let the pressure out safely.

Why Should You Buy the Kuhn Rikon 3043?

The Kuhn Rikon is one of the best brands in the industry. Their products are sturdy and dependable. If you purchase this, then there’s no need to question about the quality. Aside from the quality, you’ll love this pressure cooker because it cuts down cooking time up to 70%. It produces healthy, flavorsome dishes and having this in your kitchen saves up energy as well. Unlike electric pressure cookers, this one is easy to use because it has no other features you need to study about. Quality? Check. Energy-saving? Check. Healthy food? Check.

Now it’s time to check durability as well. The Kuhn Rikon 3043 is made of stainless steel with an aluminum inserted into pot’s base for quick heat transfer and absorption. The handles make this cooker easy to transfer as well. For easy cleaning, the pot is dishwasher safe. So seriously, there’s nothing more you can ask for in a pressure cooker.

• Easy and safe to use
• Easy to clean (dishwasher safe)
• Durable construction
• Quiet
• Features an attractive yet elegant design
• Has an automatic lid-locking mechanism
• Cuts down cooking time up to 70%
• Saves energy up to 50%
• The valve has a self-cleaning feature.
• Has a primary, secondary, and spring-loaded valve
• Made of stainless steel and aluminum
• Includes two safety vents
• Comes from a respected brand
• Saves space
• Comes with a steaming trivet
• 10 year limited warranty

• More expensive than other cookers
• Very sensitive to heat fluctuations that you may need to keep a closer eye on it once the pressure reached the desirable level
• The warranty does not cover the rubber seal (gasket), valve housing, and fittings but the company guarantees that parts will be available for the next 15 years.

What Are Customers Saying About It?

The Good:
• One customer said, “The cooker comes with two booklets containing recipes, and a very comprehensive list of recommended cooking times for all sorts of meats, poultry, vegetables, beans, etc.”
• Another happy customer commented, “Top notch materials–Extreme Swiss craftsmanship! This is a lifetime purchase as long as you maintain it as recommended.”
• They loved the durability brought by the combination of stainless steel and aluminum.
• They also the time saved while cooking is well worth the price.
• Another satisfied customer even reviewed, “They hold heat well making for more efficient cooking and keeps food piping hot for second servings.”
• They liked how quiet it is compared to their previous pressure cookers.
• A customer remarked, “It forces flavor into meats and beans better.”
• They also loved the short handles for ease of storage.
• A number of customers said it’s the best investment they’ve made.

The Bad:
• One customer said, “The lock system and the handles look a bit a fragile.”
• A few customers said it stopped steaming food properly for less than a year.
• The bottom of the device peeled off after ten uses.


This sturdy stovetop pressure cooker is one of the best you’ll find on the market. It’s affordable, elementary, and a great investment. It may cost about $200, but after cooking healthy dishes with this pressure cooker, you’ll surely say, “Money well spent!”