FoodSaver 4840 Review

FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System


Looking for practicality and the best vacuum sealing versatility? Search no more. This 2-in-1 FoodSaver brings you automatic bag detection and vacuum sealing that saves you money and food! You’ll love how convenient this 200-dollar appliance is. It does everything it needs to do—seal and save. It’s the best food savor, and one of the best vacuum sealers for food.

Let’s check it out even further by looking into its specs, features, pros, and cons. The feedback of customers will also be included in this guide.

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Product Dimensions11 x 20 x 12 inches
Item Weight10 pounds
Shipping Weight11.4 pounds
ManufacturerJarden Consumer Solutions
Item Model NumberFSFSSL4840-000
Customer Reviews (Amazon)4.5 out of 5 stars


The FoodSaver V4840 2-in-1 vacuum sealer is guaranteed to be safe and easy to use. Because it’s fully automatic, all you have to do is place your food inside a FoodSaver heat-seal bag, carefully insert the open end of the bag to the vacuum channel of the machine, and the unit will begin vacuuming and sealing in an instant. It can even be used to produce custom-sized bags thanks to its built-in roll storage feature coupled with a useful cutting bar. This built-in retractable handheld sealer seals zipper bags, canister, containers, and even marinates food in a matter of minutes. It also features a pull-out drip tray drawer that has a patented and removable drip tray. The tray is even dishwasher-safe, so cleaning won’t be a hassle! In addition, the FoodSaver V4840 has moist/dry food settings for an optimal setting.

Why Should You Buy theFoodSaver V4840 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer?

What’s the deal with this one anyway? Why should I want it? If you’re asking these questions, here is your answer: It’s the best vacuum sealer on the market. FoodSaver vacuum sealing systems are all designed to give the best service. The kit even includes one 11”x10’ roll, three qt. Heat-Seal bags, two Gal Heat-Seal Bags, three qt. Zipper bags, and two Gal Zipper Bags to help you get your sealing-and-saving-food life started. With this nifty performing sealer, storing food will always be fun and easy. Just imagine the possibilities: You get home from a tiring day of paperwork and you worry about what you’ll cook for dinner. Suddenly, you remembered that you cooked a large batch of meat dish yesterday, kept portions of it using your sealer, and placed them in the freezer. Wouldn’t it be easier to prepare?Sealing makes your kitchen, freezer, and refrigerator free of clutter as well. No need to exert much effort cleaning them when a visitor is expected!Needless to say, this functional food saver is utterly a life saver in the kitchen, too.

• Automatically detects bags
• Fast and cost-effective
• Can use all sorts of packing bags
• Can seal delicate foods such as fruits, cookies, and muffins as well
• Perfect for sealing zipper bags, containers, and canisters
• Makes the food flat to save space in the freezer
• Suction is efficient
• Marinates in a blink of a few eyes
• Has a built-in roll storage and cutter
• FoodSaver bags and rolls are food-grade
• Its drip tray is removable and dishwasher-safe.
• Drip tray has an indicator that allows you to know if its full or not
• The cord saves additional space since it’s placed under the sealer.

• Makes you wait in between seals (about 20 seconds)
• Not effective in packing liquids
• Requires much kitchen space
• Wastes about 1 ½ inches of bag from the edge of the seal
• Crooked or uneven plastic bag edges cannot be detected

What Are Customers Saying About It?

The Good:
• Customers adored its stylish design.
• They are also impressed with its ease of use and storage capabilities.
• They loved the solid and quality construction as well.
• One prouduserremarked, “One of the big points with this one is the ability to stop and seal at any time. That’s great for resealing bags of chips. No more chip clips required.”
• Most of the customers said they’d recommend this product.
• Another pleased customer reviewed, “The food stays fresh longer and if you seal your meats flat they are convenient to stack in the freezer and they thaw much faster.”
• Customers said it’s worth every penny.
• They also loved how it sucks all the air out and seals the bags very well.

The Bad:
• Some say it’s big. The roll bag storage means it occupies more space on the counter.
• One customer commented, “I only wish that the bags were more easily available in store and that they were a bit less expensive.”
• Another buyer complained, “The storage bags that come with the product give off a strong chemical smell.”
• Some prefers the cord to be longer.


If you love cooking large batches of food for next use, the safest sealer would be the FoodSaver V4840. Food, when preserved for a long time, will lose its quality and flavor unless vacuum-sealed. This is where this product becomes helpful. The cons are minimal for this praiseworthy appliance. Allow yourself to enjoy vacuum-sealing and you’ll save a lot of food and time.