Best Pressure Cooker Cookbooks


Pressure cooking is a gift unlike any other. Pressure cookers save fuel, energy, and time. The difficulty, however, shows itself to a beginner most of the time. So you’ve got a pressure cooker. What now? Questions like, “What should be my first dish?”, “What’s the easiest dish to make?”, and “How much water should I add to this dish?” are common for pressure cooker users. That’s when cookbooks come in. They’re the partners that will tell you what you need for the meal and how you’re going to cook it. There is obviously a plethora of choices, but I’ll give you my top 5 choices to save you some time.

5. If you’re looking for a cookbook with a wide range of fast, healthy, and delicious meals developed for the modern pressure cooker, then this book is perfect for you. Lorna Sass’s Cooking Under Pressure will thoroughly teach you how to control your pressure cooker and be in one with it as you cook. Its recipes range from simple to highly-elegant dishes. When it was published back in 1989, it became a best seller with over 250,000 copies in print. Need to speed up your time in cooking? Get this cookbook and you’ll definitely enjoy cooking under pressure.

4. Pressure Cooker Perfection contains 100 pressure cooker recipes with each and every one of them illustrated. Dishes are shown in full-color photos and are guaranteed to be saliva-dropping meals. The editors at America’s Test Kitchen made sure that you will change the way you cook with their book. With easy-to-follow instructions, you can maximize the potential of your pressure cooker and come up with luscious, can’t-get-enough-of-it dishes.

3. With 200 recipes and in-depth instructions, this cookbook will totally change the way you view pressure cookery. My third recommendation is Laura Pazzaglia’s Hip Pressure Cooking: Fast, Fresh, and Flavorful.Laura started offering recipes and advice on her website and later realized she needed to make pressure cooked food appealing. And evidently, she actually succeeded! This book isn’t limited to recipes; it will also start a getting-to-know-you session between you and your pressure cooker. Together with her book, you’ll enjoy pressure cookery like never before.

2. This has got to be my second recommendation because of Bob Warden’s expertise in pressure cookery. It’s none other than the Great Food Fast (Best of the Best Presents) Bob Warden’s Ultimate Pressure Cooker Recipes. I’m sure numerous customers will agree with me for putting this book on the list especially since it’s the 2012 National Bestseller cookbook and is the 2nd best seller pressure cooker recipes book on Amazon. This book, with the best pressure cooker recipes added up with his tips and nutritional information, will surely get you pressure cooking. Imagine the possibilities you can do! And the best part? The book will only cost you $13.00.

1. I’m sure you can’t wait. So, without further ado, the winner is… Miss Vickie’s Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes! This is the ULTIMATE pressure cooker cookbook. It doesn’t only have great recipes, it even includes a buyer’s guide to modern pressure cookers, pressure cooker safety instructions, common mistakes in pressure cookery, adapting recipes to the pressure cooker, and pressure cooking techniques. This book, priced less than $13.00, has nearly 400 recipes that can be cooked on the double. With her tips and techniques, you’ll have faultlessly cooked, mouth-watering dishes straight from your own kitchen. Her instructions are even comprehensive and totally foolproof. If you’re looking for the best pressure cooker cookbook, well, my friend, the search is over.