Best Pressure Canner – Reviews & Top Picks 2018

pressure canningWhat is a pressure canner? It’s a kitchen appliance with a pressure gauge, a vent, and screw clamps. Its purpose is to heat your food (placed inside glass jars) to a temperature higher than that of boiling water. Pressure canners can store all low-acid food or alkaline foods. These include all animal products and unpickled vegetables.

Having a pressure canner allows you to preserve the nutrients and the flavors of the food for a long time. Compared to the boiling water bath where botulism bacteria spores can survive, pressure canning kills the spores by generating temperatures hotter than boiling water. Just imagine coming home from a tiring day at work and having to prepare a new dish for dinner. The mere thought of it is already tiring! Now imagine getting home exhausted but your food has already been stored in a pressure canner and is ready to be served. Isn’t that better? Pressure canners are simply wonders of the kitchen.

There are so many choices out there, but this guide will present pressure canner reviews for you. After reading, you’ll be equipped to find the best pressure canner for you and your budget.

Presto 01781
Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker
15.4 x 15.1 x 14.8 inches
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All American 921
All American 921 21-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner
16 x 15 x 17 inches
21.5, 41.5
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Granite Ware 0730-2
Granite Ware 0730-2 Pressure Canner/Cooker/Steamer, 20-Quart
14.5 x 14.2 x 13.4 inches
12, 20
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Our Pressure Canner Reviews

#1 Presto 01781

Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and CookerSturdy pot, easy-to-clean kitchen appliance, pressure cooker, and pressure canner—you’ll get all these for less than $80.00! Coming from one of the best brands in the industry, the Presto 01781 is the best pressure canner for the money. With its 4.7 rating on Amazon, there’s no reason to doubt its high quality and performance.

It features an overpressure plug allowing steam to escape, an analog steam gauge that allows you to know the amount of pressure building up, a gasket sealing system, an air vent, a built-in thermometer, and even an automatic light. This 23-quart pot also allows you to cook more food and a variety of food all at once.

This sturdy pressure canner/cooker is even resistant to warp thanks to its aluminum material. The stay-cool handles also add up to its overall protection, preventing your hand from getting burned. It’s safe to use and definitely easy to use as well!

However, due to its large size, it’s difficult to handle and transfer from one place to another, and it occupies much space in your kitchen shelf, too.
All in all, you’ll love its great price, premium quality, and excellent customer service. Plus, it comes with a recipe book and has a 12-year warranty.

#2 All American 921

All American 921 21-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker/CannerFall in love with the All American 921 with its classy, alluring satin finish and exceptional performance. Priced less than $250, this pressure canner is by far the highest rated pressure canner on Amazon with an average of 4.9 out of 5. No wonder it’s Amazon’s choice.

Made of aluminum, this heavy-duty pressure canner allows you to store up to 19 one-pint jars or 14 one-quart jars. Because of its aluminum construction, heating it up is fast and even. The All American 921 highlights a pressure regulator system with 5, 10, and 15 psi settings. Among its other features include two venting features, a safety control valve, an overpressure plug, metal-to-metal sealing system, double thick edges, and stay-cool bakelite top handle—all tailored for your safety. Like all other satisfied customers, you’ll certainly love that it’s easy to use and clean.

On the other hand, you might have to start working out when you use this because it’s a lot heavier than you think. Because of its size, you cannot use it on a glass stove as well. Lastly, the thickness of the pot allows the pot to heat up slowly.

At the end of the day, it’s still a very highly rated product on Amazon. So if you are doubting about its extraordinary performance, I’m telling you, don’t.

#3 Granite Ware 0730-2

Granite Ware 0730-2 Pressure Canner/Cooker/Steamer, 20-QuartWorried about your budget? Then worry no more! This pressure canner, which also works as a pressure cooker and steamer, will only cost you $60. Talk about affordable, right? Granite Ware 0730-2 has a 20-quart capacity, large enough to hold up seven one-quart jars, eight one-pint jars or 24 half-pint jars. It’s the best pressure canner for your tight budget.

You won’t have to doubt its durability because it’s made of hard anodized aluminum. Featuring a vent pipe coupled with an additional black-capped safety valve, you’ll surely be safe from fire or burns with this one. It also highlights a pop-up pressure indicator that locks the stainless steel lid in place and stay-cool handles for extra protection. The Granite Ware 0730-2 also features an adjustable 3-piece pressure regulator system. Plus, it means both UL and USDA safety standards. Investing in this pot won’t be a regret at all.

In spite of all that, you cannot stack up two layers of jars in this one. In addition, there is no recipe book and the instruction manual barely instructs. The last two cons, however, can be solved with the use of the internet. A lot of videos are available when it comes to its operation and the recipes you could try with it. When all is said and done, the Granite Ware is still the best pressure cooker for canning.

Pressure Canner Buying Guide

This part of the guide will help you choose the best pressure canner for your needs by presenting the factors you have to consider before buying.

1. Price, Brand, and Warranty

  • Pressure canners range from $25 to $500
  • The price depends on the size, quality of material, and features.
  • If you have an unlimited budget, you don’t have to worry.
  • If you, on the other hand, have a tight budget, you can consider pressure canners priced
  • between $60-$80, and still be able to enjoy the product.
  • If you want a product that’ll last long and has been rated positively by numerous customers,
  • then you have to buy from the most renowned brands.
  • Among the best brands in the industry are All American, Fagor, Granite Ware, Mirro, and Presto.
  • Here’s one tip: Patiently wait for sales or discounts.
  • In addition, don’t forget to check the product’s warranty. Typically, the longer the warranty, the
  • more durability the pressure canner is.
  • Also, check if the parts of the pot are easily accessible in your area or if they aren’t difficult to find. This is a contingency plan in case you accidentally break any part of the pot.

2. Type of Pressure Canner and Stovetop

  • A pressure gauge allows you to adjust the canner to the required pressure and maintain that pressure for the recommended duration to eliminate harmful bacteria that can spoil your food.
  • A pressure canner can either be a dial gauge or a weighted gauge.
  • A dial gauge canner has a dial on the top that tells you the amount of pressure building inside the canner.
  • Advantage: It’s accessible and the operation is familiar.
  • Disadvantages: You need to have the gauge inspected annually to know whether it’s still accurate or not. It’s not expensive but looking for someone to inspect it might be hard. Also, since the pressure doesn’t vent until there’s too much pressure, it requires you to babysit the canner.
  • A weighted gauge canner includes small weights on top of the vent.
  • Advantage: It doesn’t require annual maintenance.
  • Disadvantage: It is noisy.
  • The type of stovetop you have also matters.
  • Other pressure canners are too heavy that they cannot be used on top of glass-made stovetops.
  • With an electric range stove, it would be great for canning.
  • If you have a gas range, make sure you do not turn the temperature too high.

3. Size of the Pressure Canner

  • The size of your pressure canner will rely on how much food you always store, specifically, how many jars of food you need to store.
  • The size of the family may also be a factor.
  • A good rule of thumb is to purchase a canner that can fit both pint and quart sized jars.
  • The size of a canner is listed by quarts.
  • A canner with a capacity of 21.5 quarts can hold up to 7-quart jars and 19-pint jars.
  • Don’t forget to check how many jars a canner can hold before buying one.
  • Most of the time, you can stack two levels of small jars in a canner. However, some canners are small and may not allow you to do this.
  • If you are using small glass jars, you don’t need to have a very large canner.
  • If you are using large jars (like a liter tall), then you need a tall pressure canner.

4. Durability of the Pressure Canner

  • The durability of the pressure cooker depends on the material and the brand.
  • Heavier-walled canners don’t always mean they’re better, sure they distribute heat evenly but they aren’t easy to handle.
  • Mind the heat-resistant (also known as stay-cool) handles, gaskets, valves, and gauges.
  • Research customers reviews and read about how those parts worked in your chosen pressure canner.
  • They are the ones that tend to require replacement every now and then.

5. Lids and Locking Lids

  • The lids of pressure canners come with or without clamps.
  • A clamped-on lid doesn’t require periodical replacement because it doesn’t need a gasket.
  • The clamps of a clamp-on lid keep the lid in its rightful place.
  • However, clamping and unclamping the lid takes more time.
  • A twist-on lid is ideal. It allows you to just check the gasket, position the lid, and turn an inch or so to the right, and you’re done.
  • The twist-on varieties have a heat-activated locking mechanism built into the handles and location on one side of the lid.When the temperature rises, the locking device expands, preventing you from opening the lid until the canner cools.
  • Actually, it’s a matter of personal taste.
  • In the end, they are both functional and safe.

6. Capability

  • Don’t focus and research on pressure canners alone.
  • You have to consider that some pressure cookers work well as pressure canners.
  • I recommend you check for multitasking pots that are cheap but highly rated by customers.
  • This will save you a lot of time, money, and kitchen space.


You need pressure canners because they help you store food for instant meals. They save lots of hours by reducing your cooking time in the kitchen. They also save energy since you don’t have to cook again. Pressure canners preserve the flavor, aroma, and nutrients of your meats, vegetables, and other low-acid foods. Because of they can go higher than boiling water temperature, they prevent your food from spoiling by eliminating bacteria.

There are so many pressure canners today and most of them work as pressure cookers as well. The best ones are actually multitasking pots. Ranging from $25-500, you can certainly pick one that would fit your budget. If you have an unlimited budget, however, money won’t be a problem at all. But be wise in your selection process. A very expensive pressure canner might not be needed in your kitchen. A large pressure canner might not be recommended for the stovetop you have. At the end of it all, you have to remember the factors you have to consider before buying. Don’t rush. Investing in a pressure canner requires you to be wise. Before buying one, it’s better to read the reviews about the product as well.

Pressure Canners have been pushed throughout the recent years, and they are a very high-quality today. There are lots of price ranges and products to choose from, but hopefully, with this comprehensive guide, I have made it a lot easier for you to make a decision.